Deploying capital and knowledge to improve lives and to create value for our investors and partners.


Founders of Injaro met at the Wharton School

The founders of Injaro, Jerry Parkes and Dadie Tayoraud, met in 2004 as MBA students at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

They shared the view that Africans, especially those with valuable skills and experience, had as much of a responsibility as foreign donors and partners to contribute to the development of the continent. Their vision was for an Africa that, instead of depending on handouts and grants, delivered dignity, economic prosperity and sustainable livelihoods to its people. They therefore decided to dedicate the best part of their professional lives to contribute to developing Africa and creating wealth for as many of their fellow Africans as they could reach.


Injaro Investments was established to enable SMEs realise their potential

Injaro Investments was established in December 2009 to provide the capital that would enable SMEs to realise their potential as the drivers of Africa’s economic growth.

Injaro soon won the mandate to manage two funds – the West Africa Agricultural Investment Fund (WAAIF) and West Africa SME Growth Fund (WASGF) – and secured commitments from cornerstone investors in the West Africa SME Growth Fund, a US$25m fund targeting investments along the agricultural value chain primarily in francophone West Africa.


Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings Ltd, a $50m fund established

In 2012, these two funds were merged to become what is now known as Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings Ltd, a $50m fund established to make investments in SMEs along the agricultural value chain in select countries in West Africa.

The fund achieved final close in September 2014.




2.6 million beneficiaries

As at December 2018, investments made by the Injaro team are estimated to have benefitted around 2.6 million people, mostly smallholder farmers and people on low incomes.