Deploying capital and knowledge to improve lives and to create value for our investors and partners.

The Pro Impacto Fund is a specialized investment vehicle set up to invest for impact by deploying long term capital and technical knowledge to SMEs in critical economic sectors across a diverse range of industries in Cabo Verde.

The fund focuses on the following sectors:

Fund Criteria

With the objective of addressing the financing constraint faced by small and mid-sized companies, support the national economies to bounce back from the negative impact of COVID-19, drive growth in private sector and deliver sustainable value to investors, partners and investees, we set a benchmark to assess SMEs that best align with the overarching fund objective.

QUAntitative criteria

USD 100k – USD 15m
USD 250k – USD 2m
Employee Size
10 - 150

QUAlitative criteria

  • Consideration: capable and reputable operators with proven business models and track records.
  • Maturity: greenfield, brownfield and growth companies with established high-performing team or with a willingness and ability to build one.
  • Focus: preference for business models that leverage local talent and resources per ESG standards.
  • Risk: possibility for risk mitigation through transaction structuring, collateral and guarantees of sponsors.
  • Shareholding: strategic minority stake and developmental majority stake.

Fund/Investment Strategy & Themes

Pro Impacto Fund​ invests a combination of equity, debt and quasi-equity instruments. To achieve the fund’s objective of delivering value to both investors and investees, we pursue investment opportunities that meet the following investment themes:

  • Target expanding and matured SMEs with identifiable projects and growth potential within the sectors of focus.
  • Provide support and guidance to our founders in strategic areas including talent acquisition, data and distribution etc.
  • Structure investments to facilitate exit via self-liquidating instruments, sponsor buy-outs, strategic M&A’s and IPOs

Our Investors

Pro Capital and the USAID are our main investors.

Portfolio Companies

Not yet


The fund’s target is to improve the livelihood of women, youth, low income workers and small industries.