injaro ghana venture capital limited

Deploying capital and knowledge to improve lives and to create value for our investors and partners.

Injaro Ghana Venture Capital Limited (IGVCF) is a ‘multi-sector’ fund registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana under the laws of Ghana to undertake investments in ‘best in class’ companies in Ghana.

Fund Criteria

In our bid to build African businesses with social and economic impact, and to deliver sustainable value to both our investors and partners, we set stringent screening criteria that ensure we identify the best companies and promoters that are strongly aligned with the fund’s overarching objectives.

QUAntitative criteria

GHS 20 million
GHS 3.5 million
≥ 1.5x
Debt/EBITDA ratio
Number of Years of Relevant Operations
at least 3 years of experience

QUAlitative criteria

  • Partnering with capable, reputable, operators with proven business models and track records
  • Preference for companies with established teams or with a willingness to build a professional high-performing team
  • Preference for business models that leverage local talent and resources, and which are compliant with global ESG standards
  • Opportunities where risk mitigation is possible through transaction structuring, collateral and personal guarantees of sponsors
  • Investments to be Equity, Quasi-Equity, Debt
  • Majority or Minority Stake depending on business model and pre-investment assessment
  • Opportunities that can be exited through listing on the stock exchange, sale to other PE Funds or a strategic buyer

Fund Strategy

IGVCF​ invests a combination of debt, equity or quasi-equity instruments. In order to achieve the dual goals of financial returns and quality investee growth, Injaro proactively seeks investment opportunities that match the following investment themes:

  • Partnering with best-in-class local operators in the Fund’s Target Sectors seeking expansion capital for identifiable projects matching the Fund’s Investment Themes
  • Flexible financial structuring to ensure that Fund earns commensurate share of project upside or business improvement
  • Exits achieved via cash flow; sponsor buy-outs; strategic M&A’s or IPO’s

Our Investors

Our Investors are Pension Funds regulated by the National Pension Regulatory Authority (NPRA) and Insurance Companies regulated by the National Insurance Commission (NIC).